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Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) is experiential learning incorporating equines to promote the development of life skills for educational, professional, or personal goals. Whether as individuals or in teams, qualified EAL professionals facilitate activities in an environment integrating equine-human interaction, supported by a planned learning experience, to meet identified goals for the participant(s). EAL participants are exposed to activities that can promote the discovery of critical life skills such as healthy decision making and problem solving, creative and critical thinking, self-awareness and empathy, communication and interpersonal skills, and coping with emotions and stress.


By including horses in uniquely-designed learning exercises, our staff can observe non-verbal communication between the horse and the participants. Staff guide the session, translate what they see going on, and encourages the participants to move through the exercise. Once the activities of the session are complete, our staff will debrief on the experience with participants, discuss insights, and how their learning can be applied to other situations. Through this experiment-focused approach, participants experience increased retention of skills and ideas.


Equine-assisted sessions vary depending on the situation being addressed and are designed for each participant or group of participants. If you are interested in EAL, register through the link below and our Program Coordinator will reach out to you to design your session and connect you with availability.

*Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) is available on a first come, first served availability. EAL sessions are scheduled on an as-needed basis and depend on the availability of staff. ​

For availability or to schedule an EAL session please contact Cyndi Niezer at 260-637-3608.



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