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The work we do at Camp Red Cedar wouldn't be possible without the precious gift of time that our volunteers give! Whether you're an individual looking for a meaningful way to spend your free time, a service group looking for a volunteer project, or a corporate team wanting to give back to the community, we have a volunteer experience to fit you. 

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteers must be 14 years or older and, for the safety of the individuals we serve, are required to attend a comprehensive orientation and training program.

Questions? Contact Cyndi Niezer at 260-637-3608.


Barn Help

Whether you want to help with the facility maintenance of keeping our horses and stalls beautiful, assist in lessons, or even help with schooling and conditioning needs, we are always looking for passionate horse lovers to assist in our barn.

Special Events

Camp Red Cedar hosts many events, such as Sensory Friendly Movie Night and Showdeo. Come support our special events and help us enrich our community.

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Project Assistance

Camp Red Cedar is always improving and we could use your help. Some projects may only take a few hours and some are needing extra support.

Maintenance Support

If you are a skilled laborer and would like to assist in electrical, plumbing, small repairs, or maintaining our buildings’ integrity, we would love to have your expertise!

Summer Camps

Over the summer, we love volunteer help with our Journey, Explorer, Ranger Rider, and Quest Overnight camps. If you aren’t interested in full summer employment, but want to be involved, our volunteers make summer programming possible!

Group Volunteers

Companies, church groups, community organizations and other groups have been doing volunteer service projects at Camp Red Cedar for many years. If you have a group, we have a mission!

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